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MTCI reviews each discipline for compliance with the Florida Building Code and all local amendments to the Florida Building Code by one plans examiner and one engineer licensed by the State of Florida. Following MTCI’s review, affidavits along with the approved plans are submitted to the Building Department for permitting. The Building Department does not review the disciplines previously reviewed by MTCI and therefore the plans are directly routed to outside agencies (i.e., Fire, Zoning, etc.).

The state approved Alternative Plan Review and Inspection Program, Section 553.791, F.S., allows the county and municipal Building Department 30 days to review plans and either issue further comments or a permit. In the event that the Building Department issues comments, the architect/engineer shall forward responses to MTCI.

The Building Department may audit a minimum of 5% of plans.


The Private Provider must notify the Building Department of an inspection 24 hours prior to performing the inspection.  However, the Private Provider is not required to wait for the Building Department to perform the inspection.  The Building Department is required to audit 5% of randomly selected inspections. 

Unlike a building department, MTCI is not concerned with the day-to-day operational concerns of the Building Department, only plans review and inspection services
An extensive team of engineers, plans examiners and inspectors are available at your convenience. MTCI’s team is available to answer any questions and provide assistance at any time.
Focused on client specific needs
Plans are reviewed by each discipline simultaneously allowing for turn-around times of 1 - 2 weeks for small projects and 2 - 3 weeks for large projects
MTCI can deal directly with Architects and Engineers of Record
MTCI’s reputation, license and insurance is dependent on ensuring quality projects
It is in the best interest of the client to complete projects in a timely fashion
Discounted fee schedules are typically utilized for Private Providers. Some areas allow up to 50% discount on permit fees for Private Provider projects
Inspections are available 24 hours, 7 days a week including holidays
MTCI strives to utilize the same inspectors throughout a project to ensure consistency
Increased quality control measures
In addition to the benefits developers, contractors and property owners experience utilizing MTCI, several municipalities and counties throughout the State have found the use of Private Provider Services of great benefit also.